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[NO RESPONSE] John Cena beats Kane, mocks Undertaker

Siblings of Destruction stick together. The headliner of the current week’s scene of Monday Night Raw included Kane battling the great wickedness battle for his sibling The Undertaker against John Cena.

Cena has spent the better piece of two weeks calling out The Undertaker trying to book himself onto the swarmed WrestleMania 34 card. A week ago Cena may have gone too far as Kane addressed his call and continued to gag pummel him for talking smack.

In no disqualification versus Kane, Cena continued to play mind games with The Deadman.

john cena vs kane wwe

As the match progressed, Cena began to mock ‘Taker’s signature moves and mannerisms.

john cena vs kane wrestlemania

Cena went so far as to attempt some of Undertaker’s moveset on Kane, including hitting a chokeslam on the Big Red Machine.

john cena vs kane news

john cena vs kane smackdown

So much disrespect.

Cena would eventually put Kane away with an Attitude Adjustment through a table for the three count. Post-match, Cena took to the mic to further question where The Undertaker was during or after the no-DQ fight.

With his time to book an opponent for Mania running out, Cena waited in the ring for a response for nearly five minutes but only got more silence from The Undertaker.

john cena wrestlemania

Is Undertaker showing up next week?

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